10 Best Short Throw Projectors of 2018 (With Guide)

The technologies behind projectors are evolving with an incredible pace. Factors like space is no more a problem, if you are thinking your home theater is too small for a projector, you can now get larger-than-life movies, games and sports in your theater rooms with the best short throw projectors. Short throw…

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15 Best Applocks for Android 2017

In our day-to-day activities we receive text messages, calls and notifications from apps on our android devices.  Most times we have private “messages” from an app or a call or may be a text message and we wonder how we could still receive them without someone accessing them without our…

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Android System Battery Drain Fix


Having your android system battery drain too fast can be fustrating and annoying, especially when your device is needed most; during a long-haul travel, while streaming videos, playing a game or having alot of work to do on your device.  There are alot of things that cause an android system…

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15 Best Gaming Earbuds of 2018 [Best Prices]

As serious gamers, getting into the virtual reality of our gaming world is never complete without the action-packed sound from the gaming action itself, head gears, headsets, headphones and best gaming earbuds get us there. Earbuds are more portable and versatile options, not only can you use them for massive…

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Ultimate Apps to track your Android Phone


  If your reading this article, odds are: you may have misplaced/lost your phone, trying to track someones phone or because of experience- researching the best android phone trackers in case your phone gets misplaced. But if you’ve lost your cell phone already, and you’re trying to track the phones…

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