Best Home Theater Projectors 2020

Are you thinking about having home theater for a cinematic experience? Look no further because we created a list with the best home theater projectors for 2020. 

But, before starting, note that the right home theater projector for you will depend on your needs. If you’re looking for a cinema-like experience, the right projector is one with less than 2,400 lumens of brightness. 

Whereas, if you want to enjoy movies, web surfing, and others, with the lights on a high-brightness home theater projector with more than 3,000 lumens is the right one. Also, another important factor to consider is the projector’s throw ratio, which defines how wide the projector’s image will be. 

  • Best Overall: Optoma UHD60
  • Best Theater Experience: Sony VPL-VW350ES
  • Best Budget: Optoma HD142X
  • Best Picture: Epson Home Cinema 2040 3D 1080p 3LCD 
  • Best for Smaller Rooms: Viewsonic PJD7828HDL
  • Best 4K Projector: Sony VW285ES
  • Best for Dark Rooms: BenQ HT2050
  • Best for Sport Lovers: BenQ TK800M
  • Best Portable Projector: AAXA P300

Optoma UHD60

Optoma UHD60
Image Credit: Amazon

The Optoma UHD60 is our best option because it’s inexpensive if compared with other 4K projectors. You can use it with the lights on or off due to its great contrast and bright image. In short, it’s the best value home theater projector. Here’s why we love it:

  • Specs: resolution: 3,940 x 2,160. Brightness: 3,000 lumens. 1,000,000: 1 contrast ratio with dynamic black enabled. Lifespan: 6,000 hours. 
  • Functionality: the Optoma UHD60 projector is one of the most affordable 4K projectors. It works perfectly on rooms with natural light, and provide an image slightly sharper than non-4K projectors. What is even more impressive is the fact that it works perfectly in dark rooms too because of its good contrast and good pop. Also, its 3,000 lumens allows it to fit bigger screens. 
Things To Keep in Mind:
  • 4K benefits are not visible on a large scale. 
  • The HDR image quality isn’t the best. 

Sony VPL-VW350ES

Home theater projectors - Sony VPL-VW350ES
Image Credit: Amazon

If you’re ready to spend a bit to have a theater-like experience, the Sony projector is what you’re looking for. It’s the true least expensive 4K projector out there, and it’s designed for a wider audience and for those who have large dimensions of space. Here’s why we love it:

  • Specs: resolution: 4096 x 2160. Brightness: 1500 lumens. 3D technology. Lifespan: 3,000 hours. 
  • Functionality: the sony VPL-VW350ES offers the same experience as a professional 4K movie theater, which means you’ll have a true home theater. Due to its high resolution and brightness, you can install a 150-inch screen and still experience a sharper and brilliant 2D image (3D is available on screens up to 120 inches). Also, the installation is quite easy, so it can be installed in almost any space.
Things To Keep In Mind: 
  • It’s a $10K projectors, and you may find cheaper projectors with similar features. 
  • It doesn’t work well in a bright environment. 

Optoma HD142X

Optoma HD142X
Image Credit: Amazon

You don’t need to break the bank to have a home theater projector, especially if you’re a budget-conscious customer. The Optoma HD142X is our cheapest (yet incredible) option for less than $600. Here’s why we love it:

  • Specs: resolution: 1920 x 1080. Brightness: 3,000 lumens. 12,000 hours of lamp life. Average 4 hours of viewing for 8+ years. 23,000:1 contrast ratio. 3D technology. 
  • Functionality: the Optoma HD142X has a very nice image with natural and vivid tones and lots of shadow details. It is also a versatile projector; you can set up 1500 lumens if you need it in a dark room, and double it in case you want to play a game in a bright room. Thanks to the zoom (1.1x), and the throw ratio (1.47 – 1.62), you can use a screen up to 300 inches and use it in several spaces. 

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • It’s not a short-throw projector.
  • The blacks could be better. 

Epson Home Cinema 2040 3D 1080p 3LCD 

Epson Home Cinema 2040 3D 1080p 3LCD
Image Credit: Amazon

This projector delivers both high-quality 2D and 3D. If you like to play games, it has a short lag time, and it’s bright enough to be used in a well-lit room. Here’s why we love it:

  • Specs: resolution: 1920 x 1080. Brightness: 2,200 lumens. 35,000:1 throw ratio. 2 HDMI ports. Up to 7,500 hours of lamp life in eco mode, and 4,000 hours in normal mode. 
  • Functionality: the Epson Home Cinema 2040 is one the few 1080p home projectors under $1,000 that offers a perfect experience with rainbow-free images. Besides, it has an almost-perfect image, short lag time for gamers, and video processing features that used to be available only on more expensive options. All those features are the reason why this projector is the right choice for those looking for a high-quality image at an affordable price. 
Things to Keep in Mind:
  • The darks are not as deep as they should be. 
  • Fan noise can be annoying. 

Viewsonic PJD7828HDL

Viewsonic PJD7828HDL
Image Credit: Amazon

This sub-$700 home theater projector is our best option for smaller rooms due to its throw ratio. However, don’t think that just because it’s for a small space, it’s not as efficient as others. The Viewsonic PJD7828HDL has the best contrast and 3D of all the sub-$700 competitors. Here’s why we love it:

  • Specs: resolution: 1920 x 1080. Brightness: 3,200 lumens. Two 3D Blu-ray HDMI ports. 10,000 hours of lamp life. 
  • Functionality: its shorter than average throw ratio allows it to display bigger images in small spaces. The projector is sharply focused, and the image color is astonishing. For gamers, it offers a 16.4 ms input lag; and a 1.3 zoom for more flexibility. It’s bright enough to be used on dark and well-lit rooms. 
Things to Keep in Mind:
  • Fan noise is loud for a sub-$700 home theater projector.
  • It has a 54% of brightness uniformity. 

Sony VW295ES

Sony VW295ES - home theater projectors
Image Credit: Amazon

Most 4K home theater projectors have an average price of five figures. If you don’t feel like spending more than $10K for a projector, but still want the high-quality experience of a high-end projector, the Sony VW295ES is your only option. Here’s why we love it:

  • Specs: resolution: 4096 x 2160. Brightness: 1,500 lumens. 6,000 hours of lamp life. HDR compatible. Motionflow technology. 
  • Functionality: the Sony VW295ES has native 4K resolution for a lifelike image, that’s possible because the projector displays 8.8 million pixels across three images that sum a total of 26,542,080 pixels; in other words, you will have a vivid and sharper picture. Despite having 1,500 lumens, you can also use it on well-lit rooms due to its deep blacks. 
Things to Keep in Mind:
  • $5,000 is not a price everyone is willing to pay for a home theater projectors.
  • The HDR color doesn’t pop as an HDR TV does. 

BenQ HT2050

BenQ HT2050 - Home theater projectors
Image Credit: Amazon

The BenQ HT2050 is a great option for those looking for a 1080p sub-$800 home theater projector with deep blacks and color accuracy. Here’s why we love it:

  • Specs: resolution: 1920 x 1080. Brightness: 2,200 lumens. 7,000 hours of lamp life. 15,000:1 throw ratio. 3D technology. 2 HDMI ports.
  • Functionality: the BenQ HT2050 has a bright and sharper image that looks fantastic on a screen up to 100 inches and 8.2 feet away. The projector uses CinematicColor technology for an incredible image performance that will change your home cinema experience; it also has 96% of color accuracy because of the Rec.709. Besides using it in dark rooms, you can use it in small spaces because it has a short throw ratio. By the way, it includes a backlit remote to use in the dark. 
Things to Keep in Mind:
  • The bulb stops working before it completes its advertised lifecycle. 
  • There may be a motion blur. 

BenQ TK800M

Home theater projectors - BenQ TK800M
Image Credit: Amazon

If you’re a big fan of sports and movies, the BenQ TK800M is waiting for you. For $1,299, this full 4K with HDR mode projector gives you a sharper, vivid, and realistic image. Here’s why we love it:

  • Specs: resolution: 3840 x 2160. Brightness: 3,000 lumens. Both HLG HDR and HDR10 for a better HDR experience. 1.1 zoom. 
  • Functionality: the BenQ TK800M is a home entertainment projector designed for those who love sports;  it has soccer mode and sports mode that make the tones warmer and offer a sharper image with a lifelike illusion. If you want to use it to watch movies, play games, and surf the web, then don’t worry because it will work perfect too. The projector uses 8.3 million of pixels, and it has 96% of color accuracy. For gamers, it has a +40ms of input lag when game mode is active.  
Things to Keep in Mind:
  • Despite having 3,000 lumens, the BenQ TK800M works better in a dark environment.
  • The contrast could be better in dark scenes.
  • Light ring light reflections.


AAXA P300 - Home theater Projectors 2020
Image Credit: Amazon

The reason why the AAXA P300 isn’t our cheapest choice ($279), is that this projector is for people on the go that love big screens, and don’t mind sacrificing important features. Here’s why we love it:

  • Specs: resolution: 1280 x 800. Brightness: 500 lumens. 2.5 hour rechargeable battery. 16:9 throw ratio. +30,000 hours of lamp life. It weights only 0.84 lbs. 
  • Functionality: if you’re constantly moving but don’t want to carry a full home theater projector, this is the right one for you. The AAXA P300 can project an image of up to 120 inches, though the best quality comes from a picture of 36 inches or less. This projector works best in low-light spaces, and if you disable the eco mode, the battery lasts 1 hour, not 2.5. Besides its portability, the AAXA P300 will last you a while thanks to the 30,000 hours of lamp life. 
Things To Consider:
  • You can watch, play games, or surf the web for more than 2 hours in normal mode.
  • It’s hard to focus.
  • It doesn’t have zoom.
  • The remote doesn’t work well. 

Now that you know how to create a home theater at home, don’t forget to share our content with your friends and colleagues to spread the information, and inspire them to create one too.

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