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Everyone needs these simple yet extremely helpful tips and tricks to make things easier. These life hacks got you covered.

#Prevent acne:
If you have a guest coming over in about a week time you can prevent acne by turning the water to cold at the end of your shower to prevent acne. Cold water seals your pores and prevents dirt and bacteria from entering them. 

#To prevent stuffy nose:
If your nose is usually stuffy at night you can keep an onion near you at night.

#Reduce/stop migraine:
Put your hands in ice water and flex them if you have a migraine. Migraine is a more serious headache.

#Prevent brain freeze:
Press your tongue against the roof of your mouth if have a brain freeze.

#How to stop laughter in public or anywhere:
Pinch yourself if you just can’t stop laughing.

#How to stop mosquito bite itch:
If you have a mosquito bite itch that you can’t just control, try putting deodorant on the mosquito bite to stop itching.

#Listen better:
Research shows that the right ear is better at picking up words and speech, while the left ear is better at picking up music and other sound.

#Reduce toothache:
If you have a toothache, rub some ice between your thumb and fore finger this can relieve the pain by up to 50%

#Wake up when the alarm rings:
If you’re in bed and still feeling dizzy and sleepy, place one of our feet on the ground. This will help your brain recalculate your position.

#To wake up fully with your alarm without hitting it off:
Place the alarm or phone(which you set the alarm) inside a glass cup or container-this will allow the alarm to ring till you are fully awake before hitting the off/snooze button. This is because the alarm is not very accessible by you when in a glass cup or container, so attempting to switch of the alarm unconsciously may break the glass container; you don’t want to have pieces of glass to pack as your first chore of the day-Trust me!

#Sleep quicker:
If you’re having trouble falling asleep, blink fast for a minute and your eyes will get weak and then you sleep off.

#How to remember a learn better:
If you read a note or a book before you go to bed, you will remember it better in the morning.

#How to prevent sleep at any anywhere:
If you’re feeling sleepy, hold your breath for as long as you can and then release it.

#Remove wine stains using more wine:
If you’re in a party with a couple of friend and mistakenly pour red wine on your dress. You can use white wine to neutralise the colour of the red wine on your dress, which allows the stain to be removed much more easily. So keep a white wine handy.

#To remove foot odor:
Foot odor can be embarrassing and annoying, to eliminate it, try putting baking soda in your shoes to disinfect and remove the odor. Firstly put the baking soda into a little breathable baggie, then placing that baggie inside of your shoes after wearing, this will help remove that smell and disinfect them.

#Whiten your teeth with a banana peel:
Banana peels have proven to significantly lighten teeth within a few weeks. Just rub a banana peel in circular motions on your teeth for few minutes every day. Using this method, you avoid extra chemicals.

#Sleep Better
If you are suffering from a back injury or finding difficult to sleep with your regular pillow than
give a try to body pillows. They are full length pillows specially made for maternity or back injury.

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