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android system battery drain

Having your android system battery drain too fast can be fustrating and annoying, especially when your device is needed most; during a long-haul travel, while streaming videos, playing a game or having alot of work to do on your device. 
There are alot of things that cause an android system battery drain, we’re going to look into most it, if not all of it, hopefully the problem should be fixed.
Even though the typical android system consumes part of your battery life, in practice it’s the use of live wallpapers and screen savers, synchronization etc that are responsible for the battery drain, but the battery usage in settings attributes it to Android system OS.
Most of these operations need to be switched off for longer battery life.

Reasons and Solutions to an Android System Battery Drain:

These are the major reasons for android battery drains

1. Auto synchronize on Android System

Auto Synchronize(sync) basically means synchronizing your device with the service’s servers automatically. 
It’s used to deliver push notifications such as emails to your Android System smartphone. 

For example your gmail account is synchronized so you could receive e-mails with your device, sync Facebook, whatsapp, or any other Google settings on multiple devices (devices with same Google account).

When you disable syncing you also prevent alot of app update notifications;
Turning on this service has a high effect on your battery and its recommended to be turned off, to save battery. 
It can be turned off from 
– Quick setting, then
– Tap sync short cut to switch on

You could now manually turn it on to receive e-mail and sync Google account when needed and turned of after use to save battery.

2. Android System 3rd Party Apps

3rd party apps basically are apps that originally didn’t come with your android device. For example, a photo editing app, gaming app or a browser (which is not ‘browser’). 
Therefore a 3rd party app has some tendency of draining your battery faster because it clearly wasn’t designed by the manufacturers, and it might not have been designed and tested specifically for your system or phone. 
To know which third party app that is causing the battery drain, using the efficient feature on your system:  
#Go to Settings 
– Battery
– Here you will see a list of apps and their respective battery consumption. 
Now you have been able to pinpoint the app, if it’s not needed that much you could either force stop the app or you uninstall it. 

If all these methods do not work, and the battery consumption is still high, try restarting your android device to clear what’s running (it’s just a temporary solution).

3. Improper charging/Battery problems

Most android system/smartphone users don’t really know when and when not to recharge. Batteries are electrochemical cells, if you still remember that part of chemistry :), electrochemical cells are devices capable of generating electrical energy from chemical reactions, this is the same concept that is used in our batteries. 
But there is a problem: they eat up or get worn out over time, that is, the more you charge, the more the electrochemical cell structure of the battery weakens. 
So you must also reduce the number of times you recharge your android  batteries and all batteries in general, because the more you recharge the weaker you make your batteries.
Its recommended to start recharging when your device is below 30%. 
And make sure its unplugged as it hits a 100%. 
But you must also recharge your battery regularly even though your device is not in use.
Battery drains may be due to use of chargers with lower Amperes than required or a wrong source of electricity. 
There are usb cables that are not good for batteries, avoid using any usb cable or miracle usb cables as they can damage your device and also not charge your device properly, leading to great percentage of battery loss.
These factors will contributed to fast draining of your device battery and could be corrected by using the particular charger pack that comes with your device and also using a good source of electricity.

4. Live Wallpapers and Screen savers 

Ok, If you are not aware of it, wallpapers and screen savers in the form of gifs, videos, short animated scenes pose a big threat to the battery life of your android device. 
Yeah, I know, its a huge let down, because you can’t use that short video, or gif you love as screen savers or wallpapers; 
but let’s look at the reason closer to know why its not good to use them on the home page or background of your system/device.
When these live wallpapers/screen savers are used, they run on the RAM of your device, they also run on the CPU, causing over heating, and making your system/OS slower; which overall leads to a massive battery drain.
Also android systems/phones with poor GPU (Graphics processing unit) and Processor speed will tend to always freeze and show a blank background with a pop-up message indicating that the ‘system UI has stopped’ working; 
Causing the device to over heat and drain the device battery further especially when it occurs frequently.
So the best solution to this is removing the live wallpapers or screen savers that are in the form of the above listed and use pictures instead of short videos or gifs.
You could further optimise the average battery life of your android system by using darker wallpapers or screen savers. 

5. WiFi/Mobile data

Once a device is connected to a wireless connection the battery drains faster depending on the speed of the network. 

Instead of always running around the circle of constant charging switch of your WiFi network when you are done with downloading large files to mobile data for chatting and surfing the web. 

You could also move your mobile data speed from 4G to 3G or 2G depending on the nature of what you are doing with your device at that time. 

Another tip is switching off your data connection after loading a page on the web especially when your going to spend a longtime on that page.

6. GPS

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite-based navigation system made up of at least 24 satellites. GPS works in any weather conditions, anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, with no subscription fees or setup charges.
Therefore this service enables your phone to be located from anywhere in the world. 
Definitly cool but there will be a price for that and you guessed right the price on your path is your battery. 
Although this service is needed in case your phone gets stolen or misplaced, but has serious effect on the battery life of your device. Therefore needs to be switched off. 
But if you still want your phone to send out its location (but might not be so accurate) 
– Settings
 – Location access
– Turn off GPS satellites
– But you might want to leave WiFi and mobile network location on to enable your phone send anonymous location data to Google.

7. Overheating

Overheating is a major cause of battery drain in all devices, yeap, including apple products. For the fact that your device is overheating does not mean that your battery is defective. 
Overheating can be caused by a large variety of factors.
Gaming, streaming, too many apps running/open, over clocking/tweaking & rooting, hardware damage.
Using some of the apps listed above (the battery saving & boosting apps) to control the activity of 3rd party applications would help reduce overheating,
Reduce the frequency of streaming and playing games to avoid overheating
If you have increased clock speed/tweaked or rooted your device and your noticing overheating, I think its time to unroot your device and save your battery life.       

8. Settings

Settings like brightness level setting, vibration setting, haptic feedback setting (commonly known as haptics, its the use of touch feedback to the end user, basically its the vibration of your device when the navigation bar is touched),dial pad touch tones, touch sound and screen lock/unlock sound also play their roles in battery consumption.
In recent android systems/OS, the smart lock features should be turned off to increase your battery life. 
Auto brightness should be switched off because it makes use of the proximity sensor; which if constantly active would drain your devices battery. 
Bluetooth, Wifi and NFC(Near field commiunication) should also be turned off to minimize battery consumption.

9Other battery issues

For instance, your battery or the android system has been inactive for a longtime: when a battery that has been kept inactive over a long period of inconsistent recharge/charge, the battery develops a problem and would need a replacement. 
Some other issues maybe that the original battery was replaced with a weaker battery, or a swollen battery due to over-charging or over-heating, frequent cycles of deep discharge. 


The Android System Battery information shows you your android system/phone’s battery information – i.e battery status, power plug, battery level, battery scale, battery health, battery voltage, etc.
This tool does not come installed on every android device and it may also be absent depending on the version of android device, and sometimes the carrier you are subscribed to. 
Nevertheless if the first step below doesn’t work then try using the recommended app below.


Android System Battery Drain Information
1. By dialing *#*#4636#*#* in your dialing pad. (Doesn’t require root permission). 
2. Using the mobile uncle app (usually for mtk (media tek) devices; requires root permission)
How to know if your android device is an mtk device? 
Use the CPU-Z app, download the app and open it. Once its opened you will see the image below. But if its not, use an app recommended for your device. 

 android system battery drain: CPU-Z app dintalks

Accessing the android system battery information from the mobile uncle app doesn’t show you the battery info immediately but can be accessed by ;
1. Opening the app icon.
2. Grant it root permission.
3. Select engineer mode
4. Select engineer mode (Android not mtk)
5. Finally  select battery information.
Android system battery drain | Mobile uncle

You will see the following information about your battery:
Battery status: Shows whether android device is charging or not.
Power plug: Shows how device is charging; AC(wall charger), USB(computer/laptop).
Battery level: Shows battery level of device(in percentage).
•Scale or Battery scale: Should read “100”
Health or Battery health: Should read “good”; if otherwise then your android device might be having issues.
Battery voltage: Shows voltage of android device usually around 3.7V-4.2V.
Battery temperature: It is the option that you use when your device starts getting hot or seems to be overheating; to know the temperature of your android device battery.
Battery technology: Usually shows Li-ion(because of the common Lithium ion battery found in majority of android devices).
Time since boot: Shows amount of time since you last boot up or turned on the android phone.


10. Too many Apps running

When so many or even a few applications are running in the background of your device, battery drain cannot be avoided unless they are closed.
There are some stubborn apps that need you to get to settings to stop them before they stop running down your RAM space.
The good thing is that it’s very easy to control/check all these apps with the help of other apps, yeap! do you see the contrast there ?
But seriously, you need these ‘other apps’ to control the battery draining apps. Two types of apps are needed, the RAM cleaning/boosting apps and the battery saving apps.

Some top RAM cleaning/boosting apps are:

1. Clean Master(Antivirus boost) 
Clean Master helps clean junk (junk files, space junk), cache files, junk notifications and unused RAM to improve your phone speed and performance, to free your phone space and storage. It gives your phone powerful protection by anti-virus, applock and other safe-related functions. By scanning virus and remove virus, Clean Master protects your phone from safety problem and privacy disclosure.

2. DU Speed Booster & Cleaner
DU Speed Booster & Cleaner is a speed booster, trash cleaner and antivirus app that optimizes your background apps, memory space and junk(cache) files. Stop stealthy running apps, Aims to speeding up your android device.
It also has phone booster shortcut, One-Tap Boost directly from your home screen makes it easy to optimize.
3. 360 Security – Antivirus Boost 
360 Security – Antivirus Boost helps Boost phone speed to improve the performance and RAM of your phone, boost a game to make the game run smoothly.

It scans installed apps, memory card content, and new apps automatically. 360 Security’s latest protection technologies against viruses, adware, malware, trojan and more. It also comes with a power saver which saves your device’s power by knowing when to automatically trigger 360 Security’s Clean feature, which saves you all the battery power you need, when you need it the most and make your phone stay with durable power.

And some top battery saving apps:

1. DU Battery Saver – Power Saver
DU Battery Saver is a FREE battery saving app which makes your battery last longer. 

With DU Battery Saver’s smart pre-set battery power management modes, one-touch controls and battery charger stage features, you can solve battery problems and extend your battery life. It also comes with a One-Click Optimization & Battery Saving feature, Smart Pre-set Modes, and a phone Cooler.
2. Battery doctor 
Battery Doctor is a FREE battery saving app which helps stop the power-draining apps from running, monitor charging status, find out what’s draining your power and selectively stop the top power-consuming apps, discover how long your battery will last under a variety of situations (playing games, Wi-Fi (active), etc.
3. GO Battery Saver & Power Widget
GO Battery Saver is also capable of extending your battery life. Main features of this battery plus include power saving mode, smart saving, toggle control, power testing, accurately estimates battery remaining time, battery consumption optimization in just one click, widget that improves battery performance, etc. Never worry about finding a charger in the middle of the day again!

Play Store download link

If the battery drain still continues: 

Finally, if all steps above have been followed appropriately and your battery is still draining fast, maybe do a factory reset/power wash on your device, it also might be having a battery problem. You could purchase a new battery for your device or better; get to an electronics store or your phone/system manufacturer and have a professional replace your battery.
Below are the overview measures for reducing battery drainage on your device;
   1. Monitor whats sucking the most juice.
– Check the app using the most juice and do something about it.
   2. Use the extra power saving mode if you have it.
   3. Trim apps running in the background by force stopping them (if they are not needed, force stopping would crash/delete the application)
       Go to – Settings
– Apps
– Select app and tap force stop.
   4. Dump unnecessary home widget and live wallpapers- avoid animated or video-like wallpapers, they overwork your phones RAM, CPU and GPU; overall draining your battery.
   5. Switch off sensors draining much battery.
   6. Use battery boosting and saving apps to control RAM usage of your device
   7. Your settings matter from auto syncing, brightness, vibration, heptic feedback setting, screen sound etc, should be checked, or better removed/reduced.
   8. Last but not the least charge your phone/device properly. 

-“Miracle chargers and cables” ; These are typically marketed as charging your devices from 0% to 100% in a matter of seconds. Here’s the truth; they won’t prolong your battery life, and you won’t get that “extra juice”. They are bad for your phones.
– Never discharge your battery too low (deep discharge). 
Don’t worry, there is a safeguard, the simple prevention or fix is shutting off your device before the battery is overused. 
When storing a battery, be sure to partially charge it. Even a phone in a sleeping state uses battery and should be charged from time to time.
– Charge with ‘out of the box’ charger(charger meant for your device).

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