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Chrome was kick started by Google in 2008 and then came the extensions. Extensions are simply little plug-ins you add to your chrome browser that sits at the top-right and adds extra functionality onto the browser. Extensions can help you check spelling, share posts, play games, make to-do lists and even generate coupon codes, improving user’s experience.

That is why we have put together the list of 65 Best Chrome Extensions in 2019. We’ve tested each and one of this extensions.

First up let’s take a look at;

How to Access Chrome Extensions:

-Click the three dot menu icon on your chrome browser.

-Select more tools than extensions from the drop- downs.

-You’ll see your currently enabled extensions.

-At the bottom of the screen you’ll see “Get more extensions”, Click it.

Best Chrome Extensions in 2019

Best Chrome Extensions for Privacy

1. Click & Clean:

Click & Clean helps you automatically clean up your browser history and even scans your system for malware.

2. WOT:

Just by click the WOT button after installing this app you’ll be able see the reputation of every website you’re visiting. It offers the trustworthiness sign via the green and red signal.

3. Hola Better Internet:

This is a free extension that offers effective virtual private network to your chrome browser, this extension allows you to browser through the internet without divulging your identity.

Best Chrome Extensions for Security

4. Blur:

Blur is a free extension that allows you to manage your passwords along with online payment options to help you safeguard your information. It also disallows the company from getting any data from your auto-fill options like credit card information and much others.

5. HTTPS Everywhere:

HTTPS Everywhere is an extension that helps you switch every HTTP site into HTTPS. HTTPS signifies security and trust while a non-secure HTTP signifies a whole lot of threats and frauds.

6. LastPass:

Just like Blur, LastPass helps save huge number of passwords. LastPass allows you to easily save you password under one master password.

Best Chrome Extensions for Google services

7. Save to Google Drive:

This is a straight gateway into the Google drive. This extension offers great integration to the users. It’s easy to use and also allows the users to save any images, audios, videos to their online storage.

8. Google Dictionary:

When you install this extension all you have to do is to double click on any word you don’t understand and the definition will pop up, you can also click the audio icon to hear the pronounce of the word.

9. Google Calendar:

Google Calendar allows you to add or create any event while you’re browsing through the websites. Just install the extension and you can then create the events or set notification in seconds.

10. Google Input Tools:

This extension can help you with a wide number of languages around with different tying supports like in-script, handwriting mode and much more.

11. Google Translate:

This extension will help you translate words in different languages. It also offers the ability to translate texts to an entire page in few clicks.

12. Google Scholar Button:

In one click this extension indexes the scholar based articles and make it accessible via all platforms.

13. Boomerang for Gmail:

Boomerang is an extension that allows you schedule emails. It has a postpone email functions, setting up recurring email, scheduled message sender and much more. With this extension you can schedule up to 10 month with the free account while with the premium account you can schedule unlimited emails.

Best Chrome Extensions for Reading

14. Evernote Web Clipper:

Evernote is quite popular app for making note on your mobile device. So here is a specific extension for evernote, Evernote Web Clipper helps you add articles, images, and notes to your evernote account in just one click.

15. Office Editing for Docs, Slides, and Sheets:

This extension allows you to view and edit your Microsoft office Word, PowerPoint and Excel files without even having the Microsoft office installed on your system. Just add the file by dragging it onto chrome or via Gmail or Google drive and an option will pop out for you edit or review.

16. MightyText:

Mighty Text is an extension that helps you sync your Android device and Laptop. It will help you see the messages and notification on your phone through your chrome browser. But bear in mind you’ll need to install MightyText mobile app on your device.

17. Readability:

This extension helps you by presenting that articles present on sites into a convenient form. You can also either Read now or save it under Readability to read later.

18. Save to Pocket:

Save to Pocket is an extension which helps you store web content for offline access. This extension will help you save websites seamlessly to your pocket so that you can read it later, on your smartphone, Laptop or even a tablet.

19. Ginger:

Ginger helps you with spell-check and it also suggests a correction for error. So this extension will help you create error free articles.

Best Chrome Extensions for Productivity

20. The Great Suspender:

The Great Suspender is an extension that will help you reduce RAM usage by suspending tabs that are not in use. And that’s basically it.

21. Speedtest by Ookla:

With the speedtest by Ookla extension, you can see your internet speed directly via your toolbar on your chrome browser.

22. Taco:

Taco is a very productive extension that works with a host of services like Asana, Trello, Google task, Webmail and much more to help you organize a list of incoming tasks.

23. Hiver:

Hiver is an extension that helps you change your Gmail into a productivity center for your team. This extension offers a lot of options like labels, shared mailbox system, shared task and much more.

24. AutoPagerize:

The AutoPagerize Extension will help you find the next page in a google search without you having to click next at the bottom of the search.

25. Google Quick Scroll:

Google Quick Scroll helps in finding the exact content you are searching for on an article.

26. Any.do:

With this extension you can sync your to-do lists and more from your smartphone and PC with ease. It also allows you to create new reminders and lists.

27. OneTab:

OneTab is an extension that compresses all your tabs into a single page.

28. Data Saver by Google:

The Data Saver by Google is an extension that allows users to save bandwidth and data on the chrome browser.

29. Strict Workflow:

This extension works just like the Pomodoro app, it offers a 25-Minutes counter where all those time-consuming apps are blocked. At the end of each counter, you’ll have a 5-Minute break after which the counter starts back again.

30. StayFocused:

This extension helps you to be at your best while working. StayFocused has a time limit setter and allows you to only access a site for a limited bit of time. It operates on self-restriction basis and puts a stop to your habit of spending time on the addictive sites.

31. Chrome Remote Desktop:

Chrome Remote Desktop is an extension that helps you in controlling your PC via your smartphone. Just install the app on your smartphone and have the extension downloaded on your chrome then you are good to go.

32. Unshorten.link:

Unshorten.link is an extension that provides you an in-between page when you click on those shortened URL’s and will showcase where you’re being redirected to.

33. Pushbullet:

PushBullet helps you manage sections of your phone and even lets you go through the notification quickly. Just like the MightyText I mentioned, you’ll need to have the app on your smartphone alongside the extension on your extension.

34. Turn off the Light:

This chrome extension automatically dims the background light of your window or tab when clicked upon. It also has customizable option like fade effects, night mode and more to increase user’s experience.

35. FoxClocks:

FoxClocks extension helps show you the time in different countries at the bottom of your chrome browser. FoxClocks also takes account of daylight saving times, so you can be sure you’re not going to miss a deadline or a meeting.

This extensions also allows you to search for a city to add it to chrome’s status bar.

36. Tab Wrangler:

This extension helps you be more productive by closing inactive tabs automatically after a certain time has passed. Running too many tabs on your chrome browser can choke up your RAM, so this extension will help you free RAM space.

Best Chrome Extensions for saving money

37. Honey:

Honey is a chrome extension that helps you detect the coupon codes and tracks them down when you are at the checkout point. And there are so much discount codes going around.

38. Amazon Assistant:

If you shop online and you use amazon then the Amazon Assistant extension is perfect for you. It helps you compare products across amazon so that you know you’re getting the best price.

With this extension, you can also save items that you like on other online stores. This extension saves you both time and money, it also shows you the best deals every day.

39. Invisible Hand:

Invisible Hand extension helps you track prices on online stores, flights and car rentals. The chrome extension will pop up to inform you that you can get the same product for a better price on a different site.

40. The Camelizer:

The camelizer is an extension created by Camel Camel Camel, a website that helps you price track amazon items. This extension shows you price history of products on amazon, so you can track patterns over time. You can also set price alerts with camelizer so you know when it’s time to purchase the item.

41. Ebates Cash Back Button:

Ebates is connected to over 1,800 online stores to get you cash backs when you shop online. It shows you promo codes, free shipping alerts, coupons, and cash back when you shop on one of its partners.

Ebates sends your cash backs by either check or PayPal.

42. Coupons at Checkout:

Coupons at Checkout is another awesome money saving extension with over 100,000 online store database. When you are about to make an order, look at the top to see whether the promo code box turns red. If it does, click on the box to see available codes and apply them to your order.

Best Chrome Extensions for Bookmark management

43. Google Bookmark Manager:

Google Bookmark Manager helps you organize the bookmark with a convenient option and offers an easy option for viewing and managing it.

Best Chrome Extensions for Ads Blocking

44. Adblock Plus:

Abblock Plus is an extension that will help you block pop-up ads every time you open a new tab. This extension also offers a clean feel of the web pages you intend to open.

45. UBlock Origin:

UBlock Origin is also like the AdBlock Plus but it doesn’t block out all the ads, it only block ads that affects your experience negatively.

Best Chrome Extensions for Media

46. Awesome Screenshot:

Awesome Screenshot is an extension that helps you in taking screenshots of your chrome browser page. It also allows you to edit the screenshots to have the effects like blur and annotations.

47. Print Friendly & PDF:

Print Friendly & PDF will help you print user-friendly pages without any cluttering junk.

48. Screencastify:

Screencastify allows you to record all the activities of the screen including audio by just a click.

49. VideoStream:

This extension offers you the ability to stream videos from your PC to either your TV or Chromecast, VideoStream offers the video at the highest video format and it also supports subtitles.

50. Hover Zoom:

Hover Zoom helps you zoom in on pictures just while you hover passed the picture. And that’s pretty much it.

51. Full Page Screen Capture:

Full Page Screen Capture allows you grab a whole web page with a single click and download it as a .JPG file. If the web page is too huge to be captured in one go, the extension will warn you and divide the screen capture into manageable piece.

52. Pixlr Editor:

This extension gives a full option experience of photo editor. It has all the tools available in the bigger software and offers enough for you to edit a picture.

Best Chrome Extensions for Music

53. Musixmatch:

This extension is for music lovers, Musixmatch has a large variety of options. 

Best Chrome Extensions for Custom browser design

54. Momentum:

Momentum is an extension that will help you create a new tab page. It also offers tasks, schedules, weathers, background images, quotes and some other great settings.

55. Stylish:

Stylish is an extension that gives unattractive web pages a new look with custom color schemes. This extension will help you apply custom skins to web pages, giving them a more attractive look.

Best Chrome Extensions for Social media

56. Share to Facebook:

Share to Facebook is an extension that gives you an easy way to share web content faster to your Facebook Page, Groups, Messenger and even tag friends or other brands. With this extension, you can select some text you found quotable and that text will be included in your post.

57. Agorapulse:

Agorapulse is a social media management extension that provides brands with a platform to manage their accounts by scheduling posts within a single tool.

This extension allows you share multiple times either by picking the date and time, or by choosing a random sharing period.

All you have to do is to find a content you want to share, then tap the extension’s little ‘A’ Button, then select which of your social networks you want to share it to.

58. Pablo:

Just like Buffer, the Pablo is an extension that enables social media marketers to create images to share on their networks. Just enable this extension and you will be able to right click on any web-based image to open it in Pablo, then you will be able to edit the image. Once you have finished you can either download it or share it to any of the social media platforms you have connected to your Buffer account.

59. RiteTag:

RiteTag is an extension that knows more about hashtags than most other tools. The extension also rates hashtags with handy color scheme, ranging from green for the most visible tags to grey for ones no one uses.

60. Discoverly:

This extension will help you keep your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter account at a single place allowing you to view the Twitter and LinkedIn data while browsing the Facebook.

61. VidIQ for YouTube:

For YouTube creators, this is the best extension for you. The extension shows you more in-depth summary of a video views, engagements, earnings and SEO details, helping you optimize your YouTube video and channel.

Best Chrome Extensions for Recovering lost data

62. Lazarus- Form Recovery:

With this extension helps you avoid the frustration of losing data typed into online forms. The typed data is encrypted, and stored locally on your system rather than being sent to third-party servers.

Lazarus also always you to disable certain websites so the extension doesn’t cache anything you type into your banks website, for example.


This is the end of our list. We hope this article helped you out. Lay your thoughts and questions in the comments below.

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