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Quick lock Padlock

Quick lock Padlock is claimed  to be the first Bluetooth-enabled padlock.

The Quick lock Padlock is a future of a smart home, it could help us solve the problem of lost keys or forgotten combinations. 

I really hate combination padlocks because it is so difficult to see those numbers in the dark, and more importantly, it is so insecure if someone is watching over you and knows the combination.

The Quick lock is a keyless padlock offering Bluetooth 4.0 or NFC for unlocking. Basically, you can use your smartphone, the included NFC card, or some extra accessories like ring. After installing the app, you can unlock the padlock inside the app.

There is also an Auto Unlock option but you will still need to open the app on your phone and turn on Bluetooth to make it work. Therefore, using smartphone is not really a convenient solution in this case.

The NFC card works better as you just need to press the button on the padlock and wave the card in front of it, the padlock will be unlocked immediately. 
Now, you might realise that it is not more convenient than using a traditional padlock.
A prominent feature of the product is Access Control, it means you can keep record of who accessed the lock and when. Besides, I’m also concerned about its security in case the product becomes a mainstream. If it grants access to any smartphone, someone could gain control to the padlock when he knows my pass code.
 Another issue is the battery, it is said to last 1-2 years but what happens when it runs out of battery? How can I open the lock? I absolutely don’t want to bring a portable charger to charge a padlock then. At the moment, you will be notified by a red LED when the battery is running low. The Quick lock Padlock is also available in 4 colors.

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