Android System Battery Drain Fix


Having your android system battery drain too fast can be fustrating and annoying, especially when your device is needed most; during a long-haul travel, while streaming videos, playing a game or having alot of work to do on your device.  There are alot of things that cause an android system…

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Ultimate Apps to track your Android Phone


  If your reading this article, odds are: you may have misplaced/lost your phone, trying to track someones phone or because of experience- researching the best android phone trackers in case your phone gets misplaced. But if you’ve lost your cell phone already, and you’re trying to track the phones…

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Passwords you should never use

Hackers are posing threats to cyber security worldwide and privacy. Passwords are made up of combination of characters, numbers, and words. But many fail to understand that. We should keep our digital lives clean and never to use the most-used passwords like names, birth date, phone numbers, home address, etc….

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The Laser Light earphone

Say Hello to the latest and #1 laser light earphone. They glow to the beats of the song you are listening to. These earphones are made from Corning fiber optics. They have this ear fitting design with an ear hook which is good for jogging, biking etc. The glows are…

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Headphone Jack Case for Iphone 7

Early this month Apple created a huge buzz not for their self-claimed revolutionary phone but killing the headphone jack when it released iPhone7. The iPhone 7 hints at what’s to come to the rest of the smartphone lineup, and potentially even other Apple products. To alleviate the change, Apple has…

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IOS: iGlass

Apple inc is working on a wearable device similar to Google Glass that would blend an augmented reality display with a standard pair of glasses, according to a report from Bloomberg News. The company is still testing the smart glasses market,the report states, so it’s unclear when a finished product…

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