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Paid apps for free

Are you tired of spending money on apps in Google play store and you’re looking for a change? Or do you want to try out Apps before you buy them? Well you’re in the right place, in this post we will be looking at 7 different ways to download paid app for free on your android device.

To download paid apps for free, you would need to download and using these third party apps. To install these apps, you must allow App installing Permissions from unknown sources in your android device setting. You can do this by, Going to setting > Then Open Security and you will find the option somewhere inside and Enable the feature.

Let’s head on straight to the 7 ways of downloading these paid apps for free on android devices:

Here is the transcript:

  1. BlackMart:

BlackMart is one of the best alternatives to using the google play store. It’s a very trusted store for downloading nearly all paid apps. The app is also very simple to use. With the app you the ability to sort apps by either Free or Paid. To install BlackMart on your android device, then follow the guide below.

    • First, Download BlackMart for this link below.
    • Now Install and Open in your device.
    • Then, in the search box at the top enter the name of the app.
    • Now Download the particular app your looking for.

  1. Mobogenie Market:

This is another app for downloading paid apps for free on your android device. With the Mobogenie app you can also get paid eBook, music and movies for free and also download YouTube videos on your device.

If you’re looking for an ads free alternative app, then mobogenie isn’t the best choose. But, if you’re okay with the pop-ups then you should try this app out.

Mobogenie also comes with a great user friendly UI with weather widget. The full version of the app is also available on Mobogenie website only.

  • Download the Mobogenie app for the link below.
  1. 1Mobile Market:

This is another wonderful app for downloading paid app for free. It has almost similar features with the Mobogenie app.

The 1Mobile market is available on Google play store, but that version is different having limited access to only free apps and always redirects to google play store to download them. This is to avoid violating the google play Terms and Conditions.

Actually, the secret version which is the one we are talking about in this post. This secret version can be found on their official website and inside the lite version as a free upgrade.

  • Download 1Mobile Market from the link below.
  1. GetApk:

This is another interesting app to download paid app for free. This app isn’t really user friendly like the others, because it wasn’t properly programmed.

It’s still a very special app, because it contains nearly all the version of a particular app. So with this app, you can get a different versions of one app not only the latest one.

This is how to download an app from GetApk on your android device:

  • Download the GetApk from the link below.
  • Install and Open it.
  • In the app, click on the app you want to download to view its page.
  • Read up the description. If you need it, click Get.
  • Then you will see a white page.
  • This is an in-app browser, which often does not work. Therefore you have to click the “open in browser” button at the top right.
  • It will open in your brower and redirect you to linkbucks or adfly link shortened ad.
  • When you get there, you can now download the file using your browser after skipping the ad.


GetApk isn’t for only downloading paid apps for free, it’s also for downgrading apps too.


  1. 4Shared:

4Shared is one the best and oldest ways to download paid apps for free on android devices. This app also has a website that goes with the app. For their website, you can also get a lot of game data, games mp3, music, movies, zip files, modified app, crack and most especially paid app for free. 4Shared is also available on Google play store for download.

You can also upload any file on it. But, first you have to create an account for this either via your Facebook or google accounts.

4Shared also has a very fast downloading server for quick downloads. To get apps on the 4Shared app or website all you have to do is search, you could also sort out which type of extension you wat as a result.

Every good app also has it floors, the disadvantage is that files are upload by any individual, and often people upload fake files to outplay others.

4Shared has a pro version which is Ad free.

  • Download 4Shared Pro Version directly from this link below.


  1. AppVn:

AppVn is in either Chinese or Japanese language, therefore you could identify the app by its icon. Which is difficult, since you won’t be able to understand the app descriptions. With this app you could download paid apps for free. There is nothing much to say about this app since it’s not in English language.

  • Download AppVn from the link below.


  1. Using your Search Engine:

If the 6 other ways aren’t good enough, you could try this last resort. Using your Search engine (Google, bing, yahoo, yandex, etc) to do this quite easy.


  • Open your search engine.
  • In the search, Search “the-name-of-the-app” + Apk download or “the-name-of-the-app.apk” + download.
  • After the Search is done, look for websites like:
  • Click on the one with the right app name.
  • Open the site, read description and download if you need.


What I love about this method is that all you need is just your phones browser and no third party application.

So these are the best ways to download paid apps for free on android.

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