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Android Devices usually come with preinstalled apps which are hidden from users. This preinstalled apps are called the system apps. Sometimes hidden apps consume most of your devices power.

Basically, system apps are apps pre-installed in the phone’s system depending on your ROM. This system apps are very necessary for your android device. System apps are responsible for carrying out operations on your android device. Some android system apps are Google +, Gmail, Hangout, etc. Its possible to remove these system apps, but it’s not a good idea, because it might damage your android device.
In this article, we’ll be showing you how to find hidden apps on android devices using two very simple methods.

One method for both unrooted and rooted android devices and the other for only rooted android devices. Let’s get started:
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Method #1: Using phone settings

This method will work for both rooted and unrooted android devices. And you need basically nothing to execute this method.
1. Go to your Android Device’s Settings.
2. After launching the settings, open “APPS”.
3. In Apps, select “ALL”.
Here you’ll see all the apps which are available on your device. This list will contain both visible and hidden apps on your android device. From here also, you could disable and uninstall apps without having to drag or hold then.

Method #2: Using 3rd party apps

This method will work on only rooted android devices. For this method you’ll use a third-party app like the “Titanium Backup” (the most recommend).
1.  Do Ensure your android device is properly rooted, using a root checker.
2. Download and install the titanium backup from your desired App store.
3. Launch the titanium backup after installing.

Now you’ll see all apps and processes on your android device. The Titanium Backup also will freeze apps including system apps and they’ll no longer be visible or run on your android device.

There are some other apps on your android device which could help protect your phone from unauthorized access. These apps could also serve as admins. They are utility programs made for your device to protect them from virus, theft and unauthorized access.

An example of this type of application is the Android Device Manager which is made by google to protect your device against theft. This App can help you track your stolen android smartphones. These applications also require “Administrative access” to operate secretly. So to remove this apps from your devices you will need to revoke the administrative privilege.
Steps on How to find this secret apps
1. Go to your devices settings.
2. Open security.
3. In security, scroll down and tap on Device administrators.
Here you’ll see a list of secret apps. And from here you could also revoke the admin power from them by DEACTIVATING.


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