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Nowadays, security has been one of the most important features we look for in a device.

But some android apps like your gallery may give out much information about you.

So, hiding apps nowadays is very necessary. Even parents need to hide some apps (games) for their children to avoid draining their devices’ battery– anyways I’m just saying.

Whatever may be your reason to hide your apps, in this article, we have listed the four most possible ways to hide your apps on your android devices.


1. Using Android Launchers:

To hide your android apps you could use android launchers. I would recommend you use either the Nova Launcher Prime, Action Launcher Plus or Apex Launcher.

How to hide android apps using the Nova launcher Prime;

-Install the Nova launcher on your android device.

-After installing, open the Nova launcher.

-Head on to the Nova launcher settings.

-Click on “App & Widget drawers”.

-Scroll down to find “hide apps” and then click on it.

-Then, select the android applications which you would like to hide.

-Save and exit the launcher.


How to hide apps using the Action launcher Plus

-Install the Action launcher plus on your android device.

-After installing, Open the Action launcher Plus.

-In the Action launcher Plus, Open the settings menu.

-Click on “App drawers”.

-Click on “Hidden apps”.

-Then, select the android apps which you would like to hide.

-Save and exit the launcher.


How to hide apps using the Apex launcher

-Install the Apex launcher on your android device.

-After installing, open the Apex launcher.

-Head on to the Apex Settings.

-Click Hidden Apps

-Then, select the applications you want to hide.

-Save and close the launcher.


2. Using App lockers to lock Apps for unauthorized access:

Using app lockers doesn’t necessarily hide the apps. It just restricts unauthorized access of that particular app which is almost similar to what app hiders do.

I would recommend only three app lockers; lockdown pro and AppLock


Lockdown Pro:

The lock down will help you lock down various applications and also enable you hide pictures and video (including .gif images). It also has three password mode; Pattern Lock, Classic Lock and Calculator Lock. It supports fingerprint for android marshmallow devices. The lock down pro has the ability to hide its icon on the home screen or App Draw.

How to use lockdown Pro to lock android apps:

-Download and install the lockdown Pro from your preferable app stores.

-Launch the application.

-You will see a red button which is “OFF”, then click on it to enable.

-Scroll down. Then, select the applications which you want to lock. You could also   click on the icon to view more options which would let you add passwords or even to turn on a fake cover for the app you have selected.



AppLock is the most downloaded app locker in Google Play Store. With this application you could lock your other applications either with a password, a pattern or fingerprint lock. AppLock doesn’t only lock apps but it could also hide photos and videos.

How to use AppLock to lock android apps:

-Download the app lock from your desired app store.

-Launch the application (applock).

-When you open the application for the first time, you would have to select a type of security credential. You can either set it up as a password, a pattern or a pin.

-The app also gives you an option to select “none”.

-After setting up your desired passcode, you will be asked to enter your email address ( so that if you forget your password along the line, you can recover it.

-Now, you’re ready to lock down your desired applications.


3. Using Apps Made to Hide Other Apps:

If the launcher idea wasn’t good enough. You could also try installing apps which are made just for hiding other application.



I’ll recommend you use these applications;


-Hide it pro:

Hide it pro works only on rooted android devices, it requires a root permission.


How to Hide an App with the Hide it pro App

-Download and install the Hide it pro.

-After installing, the app appears to be an “Audio Manager”.

-Launch the app by taping or holding the audio manager’s logo.

-Then, click on “Hide Apps” to select the apps you intend to hide.


-X App Hider:

You would also need root permission to launch this impressive app hider on your android device.


How to Hide an App with the X App Hider

-Download and install the X App Hider from your desired App store.

-After installing, launch the App.

-Then click on the add icon and add the app you intend to hide.


4. Disabling the System Applications:

If the application you intend to hide is a system application, you don’t necessarily need to download any other application, all you need to do if you want to hide a system application it’s just to disable it.


How to disable a system application

-Open the settings of your android device.

-Scroll down and click on “Apps”

-Click on the system app you intend to hide.

-Then, click on “disable” (which is located toward the top of the page). 


These are the four most possible ways to hide apps on your android device. For installing a launcher would be the best way to hide apps on your android device. And the next best would be using the app made for hiding apps. But, if you want to hide a system app the best bet is to disable it. Just for additional security you could use the app locker idea.

Leave your comments and experience while using this methods down below in the comment box.










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