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 Happiest Baby Snoo

Most parents read books and take special lessons on how to get their babies to sleep better at night.

So I have two questions for you:
1. How much do you love your kid?
2. Would you drop $1,160 to give them a better night of sleep?

2017 (this year), tech designer Yves Béhar and doctor Harvey Karp  have teamed up to create a baby bed called the Happiest Baby Snoo. But it won’t be cheap.
The Snoo bed is not a common sleeper, it’s heavy duty one. 
It might take about two adults to carry comfortably, and it looks great. All that is due to the design, which eschews the gaudy colors and cheap plastic that adorn most baby-tech these days, and instead uses high quality woods, fabrics and metals.
The happiest baby snoo rock children (babies) and use white noise to soothe them, and it can be calibrated to respond to a particular need of a child. While the baby is sleeping, Snoo will emit a low frequency noise and rock more slowly. 
If the child begins to wake up and cry, the bed will rock more rapidly and raise the frequency of its noise emissions.
The bed also includes swaddling sacks that keep children on their backs during their first six months of life, and are made of mesh to keep babies from overheating.
This baby bed costs about $1,160 .
I’m also looking forward to testing out the Happiest Baby Snoo soon, but I’m looking forward even more to the price dropping so parents could purchase more for their new born babies.
 Happiest Baby Snoo

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