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This is the list of the most downloaded apps of 2016, which is topped by no other than Snapchat.
The self-deleting, image and video-sharing app beat out Messenger and Pokémon Go to become the most popular downloaded app this year.
While surprisingly Casino Royale was picked as the best iOS game.
Here are the top 10 downloaded apps of 2016:
1. Snapchat
2. Messenger
3. Pokémon GO
4. Instagram
5. Facebook
6. YouTube
7. Google Maps
8. Pandora
9. Netflix
10. Spotify
11. Casino royale
And the most downloaded apps are not the same as the most-used apps, so 

these are the top 25 most-used apps of 2016:
1. Facebook
2. YouTube
3. Messenger
4. Google map
5. Play store
6. Google search
7. Google chrome
8. G-mail
9. Instagram
10. Safari
11. App store
12. Apple music
13. Snapchat
14. Pandora
15. Google drive
16. Netflix
17. Twitter
18. Pinterest 
19. Spotify
20. Amazon
21. Kik messenger
22. Google play music
23. Google doc
24. WhatsApp
25. Skype
2016 was a great year with an increase in the number of apps and tech, so feel free to check out our previous post on the latest and trending apps of 2016.

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