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WhatsApp is one of most popular messenger app and its Call is the most used feature, since people are looking for a way to reduce their voice call bills because of the increase in call rates. But, unfortunately WhatsApp did not include a feature for recording this Calls. In this article, we listed the various ways you could record your WhatsApp Calls on your iOS and android devices.

Since WhatsApp doesn’t necessarily have a feature for recording calls, we will have to go around this situation by using 3rd party Applications and even jail breaking (for the iOS users).  


Recording WhatsApp Calls on Android Devices:

These are the three applications we recommend you use on your android device.


Method #1: Real Call Recorder

The Real call Recorder is an app that records not only WhatsApp call, it also records calls made from skype, viber and tango. With this app you can record both incoming and outgoing calls.


How to enable it:

-Download and install the Real Call Recorder App from your desired app store.

-Next, Open the Real Call Recorder App, then select WhatsApp and enable recording.

Recording Whatsapp Call: Real Call Recorder

-Now, you can call anyone on WhatsApp and it’ll be recorded automatically.

-you can see the recorded calls in the Recording list of the Real Call Recorder App.

Recording Whatsapp Call: Real Call Recorder App


Method #2: Messenger Call Recorder App

Messenger Call Recorder is almost like the other WhatsApp Call recorders, it records your WhatsApp calls automatically and stores it directly on your phone memory.


How to enable it:

-Download and Install the Messenger Call Recorder app from your desired App store.

Messenger Call Recorder

-After installing, launch the Messenger Call Recorder app and it’ll ask you to turn on the Messenger Call Recorder from your phone settings. Click on “Enable Now”, it will then take you to the settings where you enable it or you can just enable it manually by going to settings > then accessibility > In Accessibility, Tap on Messenger Call Recorder and turn it on.

Messenger call recorder app

-Next, Make a WhatsApp call, you can now record it. To listen to the recorded call just open the Messenger Call Recorder app and all your WhatsApp call recordings will be listed. With the Messenger Call Recorder you can share the recorded call directly via WhatsApp, email, skype and many other apps.

Messanger Call Recorder Apps


Method #3: WhatsApp Call Recorder AppWhatsapp call recorder app

The WhatsApp Call Recorder App is quite different from the other WhatsApp Call recorders, because with the WhatsApp Call Recorder App you have to record the WhatsApp call manually by opening the app and clicking the record button during the WhatsApp Call.

How to enable it

-Download the WhatsApp Call Recorder App.

-Then, install and launch the App on your android device.

-Now, Go to your WhatsApp and make a call to anyone.

-When the call gets through, just open WhatsApp call recorder and click the Red button to start recording.

-After you’re done with the call and you want to stop recording, just open WhatsApp call recorder and click the square inside the red circle button.

-Then, your call recording will stop and the audio saves to your desired location.


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Recording WhatsApp Calls on your iOS Devices:

To record a WhatsApp call on your iOS Device, you may first need to jailbreak it and install Cydia on it.

-Open Cydia on your iOS device

-In the Cydia app, Search to download “Watusi in BigBoss repo”.

-After, installing Watusi App, just open WhatsApp.

-Go to settings in your WhatsApp, click the new option (Watusi Preferences).

-Click on Record Calls option and enable it.

-Now your good to go, just make a call to anyone and your call will be recorded automatically.

-You can get your recorded calls from the Recent Panel Button.


These apps will not record other calls made from other apps that use VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) like Facebook Messenger, Viber etc. except from the Real Call Recorder App for Android users.

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