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The ICE ORB Portable Wireless Floating Bluetooth Speaker is a creation that has become a huge hit, due to its innovative design and amazing sound quality. The item has become extremely popular in a short period of time, having some unique technology features incorporated. 

This futuristic approach to design and music has conquered the market, becoming a must have for all audiophiles. The technology behind this type of speakers has revolutionized the audio industry, and the floating speaker has soon become one of the most purchased items of the year.

 When it comes to levitating speakers the ICE ORB portable speaker easily reaches the top of the list, offering a good value for money and increased battery life.

*.Model: ICE Orb White Blue
*.Fresh design
*.Dimensions: 5.9 x 3.7 x2.6 inches
*.Product weight: 2 pounds
*.Dynamic Stabilization Mechanism
*.Bluetooth & NFC
*.360° Sound
*.License: levitation Arts, Inc
*.3D surround effect

The ICE ORB Bluetooth Wireless Speaker has changed the conventional ways of listening to music. Without any doubt’s, the design of the gadget is one out of the ordinary, differentiating itself from any other portable Bluetooth speaker found on the market. The base of the speaker functions as a charging dock for the levitating Orb. 

The product can be simply described as an audio masterpiece that takes audio systems to an entirely different level. The circular base of the speaker is 25mm thick and has the role of levitating the Orb in the air. The base has an in-built USB port, enabling users to charge their tablets or smart phones when the device is connected to a power source. 

The speaker is designed with several connections options, including NFC technology and Bluetooth, being compatible with any smart device. The circular speaker system spins in 360°, improving the overall sound quality throughout the entire room. The futuristic construction of the item is not its only great characteristic. The floating ball has been equipped with a dynamic stabilization mechanism, which is has the role of maintaining the float stability of the device.  The concept is truly revolutionary, combining functionality and aesthetics perfectly. 

Even though, the spherical object is one of small dimensions, the sound quality provided exceeds expectations. With the ICE ORB Portable Wireless Floating Bluetooth Speaker the sound is detailed and clear and can be spread across the room in all directions. The speaker can be used at its maximum value, maintain the same clean output, without any distortions whatsoever.  Although, the device is designed to be used while floating, it can also function as a stand alone speaker.

The ICE ORB is just as easy to use as any other conventional speaker. The product comes with some clear installation instructions on the box and there are no difficulties in using the item whatsoever. The item has a play and pause button and a volume button as well.

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Battery life for ICE ORB:
The devices has been built with rechargeable battery, detail that enables the speaker to function for up to ten hours, without being plugged in. In comparison with other similar items, the ICE ORB offers users an increased battery life, which comes as a huge advantage for this type of products. When it comes to battery life, the developers have made sure the product is not a disappointment.

Money value:
In terms of quality – price ratio, the ICE ORB floating speaker is certainly one of the best products of this kind. Due to the speaker’s performance and great quality, the price is a fair one. The impressive performance and reasonable price give the product a great value for money. The technology behind the concept makes this gadget a masterpiece, a product that is worth the purchase.

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