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Keratase Hair Coach is the first smart hairbrush that tells you if your looks are in good shape. Smart hair care products are an entirely new frontier.

The Kerastase Hair Coach is powered by Withings, which has Nokia as its parent company.
The Hair Coach is essentially just a brush, but this version was dreamed up by the L’Oreal-owned hair care brand Kerastase in partnership with smart home company Withings. That means you can expect this quirky device to do a bit more than your typical hairbrush.
A built-in microphone supposedly listens as you brush to identify your hair type: dry, frizzy, split ends and so on.
If you’re using too much force to brush your hair, this advanced tech will also know.
The Hair Coach can apparently count brush strokes and use haptic feedback to alert you if you’re brushing too forcefully
And it also has Sensors distinguish between wet and dry hair to ensure correct readings.
The Hair Coach is will then send the information it gathers to the related app over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The app should then factor in environmental conditions, such as the temperature, humidity, UV index and more to give you a hair quality score, details on how well you’re brushing your hair and tips on how to improve. The app will give you product suggestions you could use (Kerastase-brand-specific).
Pricing hasn’t been announced for the Hair Coach just yet, but it will cost less than $200 when it hits stores mid-2017.
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