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If your reading this article, odds are: you may have misplaced/lost your phone, trying to track someones phone or because of experience- researching the best android phone trackers in case your phone gets misplaced.
But if you’ve lost your cell phone already, and you’re trying to track the phones location , I recommend the android device manager; because other android tracking apps must be set up which you may not have done before the phones misplacement. 
Although the chances of locating the phone are slim if your account was not setup.
It is built into every android phone(mostly running 5.0 and above). In case you have not done that, go to your android device administrator (Settings>Security>Device Administrator),  if the adm (android device manager app) is not pre-installed, download the app from the google playstore manually
For best locating results, your phone should be connected to a Wi-Fi signal, but GPS and mobile networks will still manage to pinpoint a fairly accurate location.

Apps to track your Android phone

There are many apps to locate a lost android device; third-party apps and the android device manager. In this post I will show you how to you all of them. Let’s start with;

1. Android device manager:

Android device manager


Android Device Manager locates lost devices and helps you keep your device and the data inside it safe and secure. Android Device Manager lets you:
● Locate Android devices associated with your Google account
● Reset your device’s screen lock PIN
● Erase all data on the phone
Here’s how it works;
In newer Android phones, the Device Manager is already located conveniently in your Settings app, but if you can’t find it you can always
download Android Device Manager from the Google Play Store . This locating service has essentially amalgamated with Google to make finding your phone easier. There are just a couple of things you’ll need to activate.
How to locate your phone with Google:
1. Launch Settings
2. Tap Security
3. Tap Device Administration.
4. Tap Android Device Manager so that a checkmark appears in the checkbox.
5. Tap the back button in the top left corner of your screen.
6. Tap the back button again in the top left corner to return to the main Settings     menu.
7. Tap Location in the main Settings menu.
8. Tap the switch beside Location at the top of the screen so that it turns on.
9. Tap Mode
10. Tap High accuracy so the circle is filled in.
11. Tap the back button in the top left corner.
12. Tap Google Location History .
13. Tap the switch beneath Location History so that it turns on.
14. Tap the switch beside your device so that it turns on.
Launch a web browser from a phone, tablet, or computer.
1. Navigate to Google if it is not your default search engine or home page.
2.Type find my phone android in the Google search bar.
3.Tap on Android Device Manager (usually the first option in the search).
4. Enter your email address and password just as though you were checking your email. If you have 2-step verification set up on your Google account (and you most certainly should), you’ll need to complete that process as well.
5. You can Ring your phone so that it makes noise (even if you had it on silent). 
This feature is helpful if the map indicates that the phone is within earshot and you simply can’t see it.
-You can Lock your phone so that the finder can’t access your home screen. This feature is most helpful if your phone wasn’t previously secured with a passcode or a fingerprint sensor.
-You can Erase your phone. This is the best option if you know for certain that you aren’t likely to retrieve your phone.
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2. Locating android using third party apps:

While Google’s built-in option is definitely your best bet, there are some third-party options you might want to consider. We’ve broken down the best third-party apps for finding your phone below.
Cerberus app
Cerberus is the best protection you can get to recover your misplaced, lost or stolen Android device. It’s not just a “find my phone” app or a phone tracker, Cerberus has many unique features that make it the perfect app to locate your phone or tablet, identify the thief and get back your device.
Install Cerberus and try it for free for one week, then you can buy a license for your account from within the app or from the web dashboard.
It has three ways to protect your device. These are the “3 heads” of Cerberus:
– Remote control through the website www.cerberusapp.com
– Remote control via SMS (text messages) from another phone
– Automatic alerts
Remote control allows you to perform many operations on your lost or stolen device, like:
– Locate and track it
– Lock the device with a code
– Start a loud alarm, even if the device is set to silent mode
– Display a message that stays on the screen, and also make your device speak the message
– Take pictures, screenshots and even record videos, to identify the thief
– Get the location history, to see where the device has been in the past
– Wipe the internal memory and the SD card, to protect your personal data
– Hide Cerberus from the app drawer, so the app will be stealthy and a thief will not see the icon
– Record audio from the microphone
– Get a list of last calls sent and received
– Get information about cell phone network and WiFi network the device is connected to, and nearby WiFi networks
– Start a remote shell (SSH-like), to execute commands as if the device were connected to your computer with a USB cable
– And much more
Cerberus can automatically perform actions when some conditions are met. For instance, it will send email/SMS alerts if the SIM card is changed (see the “SIM checker” section of the settings) and it will email you a photo of the thief when a wrong unlock code is entered (section “Automatic photo capture”).
You can also set your own rules, see the “AutoTask” section! From there you can set geofencing (alerts when the phone exits or enters an area) and a lot of more automatic actions and alerts.

From within the app configuration, you can enable some options to make difficult for the thief to disable or uninstall Cerberus. Make sure to enable the “Device Administration” functionality and the “Protect device admin” option. Also you can block the Power Menu to prevent the thief from shutting down the device, and block access to the status bar in the lock screen, so nobody would be able to change the quick settings in Lollipop (Android 5.0) and later versions.
If you have rooted your device you can install Cerberus as a system application and get many additional features, including complete uninstall protection (Cerberus will survive a factory reset) and GPS auto-enabling when you start tracking the device. See the Help page on our website for more information on that.
The app works even if the device does not have an Internet connection thanks to remote control by sms messages. Also, the SIM Checker feature allows you to know the new number to send texts to, if the SIM card is changed. Personally for me Cerberus is the best android device locator and that’s why I started with it.
 Lookout security and antivirus
Lookout is the second on the list and its introducing something called Breach Report and Identity Protection, it’s their newest security services that helps protect your personal information and restore your identity if it’s ever stolen.

Breach Report


– Receive timely alerts whenever a company, app or service you use suffers a data breach that could impact your security, privacy and financial resources

Identity Theft Protection


– Lookout safeguards your personal and financial information as well as your online reputation to detect and protect against identity theft faster

Identity Restoration & Insurance


– Let Lookout help take care of the headache and hassle of restoring your identity if it’s ever stolen with 24/7 access to ID Restoration Experts and $1M Identity Theft Insurance**
Lookout is now the only all-in-one app that protects your device, your data and your identity with powerful mobile security and identity theft protection
Lookout has 3 main categories

a. Lookout Basic:


• App Scanning: Continuous, over-the-air protection from viruses, malware, adware and spyware
• Locate & Scream: Map the location of your device and make it sound an alarm – even when it is on silent!
• Signal Flare: Automatically save your device’s location when the battery is low
Contacts Backup: Save a copy of your contacts and download them anytime

b. Lookout Premium:


Lookout Premium includes all the functionality of Lookout Basic, plus additional security to protect your device, your data and your privacy.
– NEW! – Breach Report: Get timely alerts whenever a company, app or service you use suffers a data breach along with clear and straightforward advice on how best to re-mediate the situation
– Theft Alerts: Get an email with a photo and location whenever suspicious behavior is detected that could mean it has been stolen
– Safe Browsing: Scan every URL link you visit or click on to help detect threats and alert you of sites that can infect your device and steal your personal information
– Privacy Advisor: See what personal information can be accessed by your apps
– Lock & Wipe: Remotely lock your device, post a custom message and erase your data
– Photo & Call History Backup: Automatically back up your photos and call history and access them anytime at Lookout.com
c. NEW! – Lookout Premium Plus*:
Lookout Premium Plus comes with all of the Premium functionality, plus identity theft protection.
–  Cyber Watch: Monitor your personal and financial information and get alerted whenever anything is found exposed online
– SSN Watch: Get a history of names, addresses, and other records associated with your SSN and proactive notifications of changes that could signal fraudulent account activity and theft
–  Social Media Watch: Monitor your social media accounts to check if your personal information is at risk. Protect your online reputation by receiving alerts if you’ve been tagged in posts with offensive content
–  24/7 Restoration Assistance: In the event of identity theft, certified ID Restoration Experts are available 24/7 to assist with the time-consuming process of recovering and restoring your identity
– $1M Identity Theft Insurance: Premium Plus subscribers are backed by Identity Theft Insurance that covers up to $1M in damages and legal fees with $0 deductible**
–  Lost Wallet Recovery: If your wallet is lost or stolen, restoration experts will work quickly with you to contact document issuers to cancel and reorder credit cards and identification contents.

Family Locator
It simplifies life in the digital world by making it easy to stay connected to the people who matter most.
With Life360(a family locator feature) you can:
–  Create your own groups, called “Circles,” of loved ones, friends, teammates — whoever matters most and chat with them in Family Locator for FREE.
–  View the real-time location of Circle Members on a private family map that’s only visible on Family Locator
–  Receive real-time alerts when Circle Members arrive at or leave destinations (Eliminate disruptive “Where are you?” texts)
–  Track stolen phones or lost phones
–  Enjoy a more diverse array of features and benefits than those found on similar apps
–  Locate both your Android Phones and iPhones with Family Locator
Family Locator Offers Real Time Location Data
It helps you plan your next family gathering with family tracker and end multiple texts to learn everyone’s estimated arrival time. Family tracker alerts you when family members have checked in at a location and thanks to GPS Tracking technology, family tracker can also advise if someone is running late.
GPS Tracking of All Circle Members
Family Locator can quickly pinpoint the location of every family member. GPS Tracking for non-smartphone users is also possible, for a small monthly fee. This knowledge is quite handy for party planning: use GPS Tracking to make sure all guests have arrived before the guest of honor shows up! Family Locator also saves your most commonly visited locations and can provide directions to them quickly.
The unique thing about family locator is that it helps you stay in touch with family and it also gives real time protection; it therefore offers both pleasure and realtime protection.
Prey Anti theft

Helps you retrieve your lost or stolen phone, tablet and laptop. Prey is 100% FREE and you can protect up to 3 devices with one single account.
Prey works on all major operating systems, so it lets you keep track and trigger actions on all your devices from a single place. 
Like a universal remote control, but for laptops and mobiles.
Download Prey on the devices you want to protect and configure your account so you can:
– Find your phone on a map through geolocation using both GPS and WiFi triangulation
– Get reports with pictures taken with your device, screenshots and location (the crucial piece of data that police officers need to take action)
– Lock your device down
– Trigger a loud alarm remotely even if your phone is put on silent
– Display a tailored alert message on the screen
– Gather the network information that your device is connected to (for accurate pinpointing).
Wheres My Droid

It’s one of the first find your phone app on the Android Market and it’s now with more features, it is easier than ever to track down your lost phone.
 Wheres My Droid Features:
–  Find phone by making it ring/vibrate
–  Find phone using GPS location
–  GPS Flare – Location alert on low battery
–  Text your attention word
–  Passcode protection to prevent unauthorized app changes
–  Notification of changed SIM card or phone number
–  Stealth Mode hides incoming text with attention word
–  White/Black list to control who can use the app via text
–  No battery drain
      Advanced Security Features in Pro
– Take pictures with the devices camera
–  Remotely lock device
–  Remotely wipe SD card
–  Remotely wipe phone data
–  Prevent app from being uninstalled
–  Hide the app icon
–  Use a landline to activate the app
–  Customizable ringtone when lost
      Premium Features in Elite
–  Geofencing
–  Auto Theft Detection
–  Passive Location Updates
–  Location History
–  View Contacts and Call Log
–  View Device Stats and Nearby Wi-Fi
Lost Phone?
Where’s My Droid can turn the ringer volume up and make your phone ring. The app can also get the GPS coordinates with a link to Google maps if you’re not near enough to your phone to hear the ringer. You have the freedom to track your phone from anywhere with a text messaged attention word or with our online Commander.

Stolen Phone?
Feel secure knowing that a thief won’t be able to access your personal information on your lost phone. In the Pro version you are able to wipe and lock your stolen phone. Locking your phone will make it unusable while you try to track your lost phone’s location. If there is no hope of finding your phone, then you can erase your personal information with the wipe feature.
The app does require a lot of permissions. For more details on why the app needs these permissions visit WheresMyDroid.com

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